Transparent PNG Files in IE5 and IE6 Using Drupal

Alright, you’re here to get your png pictures straightforward in Drupal 5.x and Drupal 6.x so lets start.

You will require two or three things first, Drupal 5 or 6 obviously, the PNG Fix for Drupal 5 or for Drupal 6, and some HTML learning. In the event that you don’t have much HTML or CSS information you can attempt to swim through this article and presumably do alright. In the event that you feel this may be something you will require help on, don’t hesitate to leave your remarks at the base of this page. I will do my best to enable you to out. I’m speculating the vast majority who are perusing this article at any rate know fundamental HMTL and know simply enough CSS to be viewed as hazardous. Peruse on. free png images

First download the PNG Fix module (I have (joined it to the base of this article for simple access) and place it in your Drupal modules envelope (, go to your administrator’s module page and empower the module. 

Next make a beeline for/Site Configuration/PNG Fix and you ought to be welcomed with the accompanying.

In the “CSS Classes” content box put “.pngfix” keep in mind to add the period to the start! Look at the precedent underneath for appropriate a passage. at that point click Save.

Here comes the specialized part. we will put a tag around whatever PNG picture we need the straightforwardness to appear through on. For instance, the simple logo of this site is utilizing a straightforward picture, however enough appearing, lets get YOUR PNG’s straightforward! FTP to your site’s topic envelope on the off chance that you don’t have guide access to your documents, for whatever topic you are utilizing discover it’s page.tpl.php and open it up with your most loved content manager. I have made the real picture code strong for you to see better. (This will all the more then likely not reflect what you find in your page.tpl.php document, exposed with me!).

For rhis site, the logo code inside the page.tpl.php resembles the accompanying.

The above code demonstrates how my logo is being shown at the highest point of this page and doesn’t have PNG Fix as of now introduced yet. Next we will include our label which enables the PNG to be straightforward in IE5.5 and IE6, yet initial a little about the DIV tag.

Utilizing DIV labels is valuable for designing whatever content is inside the DIV tag, it can hold organizes totally extraordinary then what is outwardly of the DIV tag, there’s a lot of site that clarifies DIV labels in further detail simply Google “div tag”.

With our picture at present divless, gives up ahead and include the

There is an opening DIV tag ” and an end DIV label Place the opening DIV tag specifically before the PNG picture you need to have straightforwardness settled and put the end DIV tag straightforwardly after the picture code.

In a more straightforward shape without Drupal code it would resemble this.

Without our PNG Fix:

Without PNG Fix:

We essentially wrapped our PNG with the PNG DIV tag.

With your DIV labels set up you and your guests ought to encounter straightforward PNG documents in the majority of its greatness! A festival is all together!

In the event that you have adhered to the guidelines, saw the downloadable precedent are STILL here requiring enable, at that point to satisfy leave a remark beneath and I will do my absolute best to enable you to out with issues identifying with PNG Fix! Have a decent day!

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