Ortho Evra Patch: Lucky to be Alive

In June 2006, Amanda Grenon, aged 25, experienced severe leg cramps and bloating that caused excruciating pain. She had recently been on the Ortho Evra Patch. custom patches

“I called my doctor and told him my symptoms but this individual didn’t think it was that important, said Amanda. Neither Amanda or her doctor equated the caution signs to a bloodstream clot, or the Ortho Evra patch. “Although this individual didn’t have an starting, I went to his office anyway and seated in the waiting room. By the time I acquired there, my entire lower-leg was swollen and violet. The nurse took one look and called the physician – he wasn’t at the office – and she informed me to go to ER right away. Luckily it was nearby to his office. 

The nurse believed it to be a possible bloodstream clot but until a Doppler was done, like an ultrasound, they didn’t want to tell for sure. When I got to IM OR HER your doctor told me that I had all the symptoms of a bloodstream clot. A technician read my leg and sure enough, he found a massive clot. There is also a main vein running down your leg and right in the groin area the clot was removing the blood supply to my leg, hence the tinting.

Blood thinners were immediately injected into my belly and by the time I left hospital, one week later, I had been protected in bruises from all the injections. Your doctor said I was lucky because if the clot experienced moved further up my vein, I might have died.

What a close call! They call bloodstream clots the silent monster because very often you no longer get any symptoms. In my case they began as leg cramps in September but I had not been hospitalized until November. My personal doctor told me that it takes from 3 to five days for a clot to develop, so in the course of several months, it developed and moved up my leg.

In The month of september, I obtained a pain in my calf but My spouse and i thought it was simply a charley horse. My doctor thought I had low potassium so I acquired blood tests nevertheless they emerged back normal. I quickly was called to an orthopedic doctor, thinking I might have suffered an injury. No person ever thought that it could have been a blood clot until I actually showed up at my doctor’s office in The fall of with a purple lower leg.

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