How will AR dominate hunting games?

In the online gaming market, hunting games have long been among the top choices for gamers with wonderful adventures and surprises. So what kind of changes is the future technology of AR making to this empire? AR Treasure Hunting game


Pre-AR hunting games


Hunting games have been in existence and been loved since the early days of online games in general. Gradually, the transition from basic and old-fashioned to 3D animations with super-realistic technology has brought fierce competition to the hunting game market today.


Following are some popular games currently:

  • Soul of Hunter: With a 3D view and super-realistic technology, this game is set on the background of a Western world under the reign of giant monsters. This mobile game is released by NetEase Games, targeted at Chinese market. The incoming English version is promising international gamers an amazing monster hunting and killing experience on mobile platform.
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: The highlight of this online game is the intelligent D-pad system that displays on the screen, allowing players to control the character with the moving functions on the left and the attack – defense functions on the right.
  • Final Hunter: Wild Animal Hunting: In this game, players are portrayed as talented hunters in tropical jungles of South America, Australian mountains or African grasslands where they can show off their hunting skills. All are in the form of lively 3D images.


Post-AR hunting games

In fact, since the blockbuster Pokémon Go took the whole world by storm in 2016, “augmented reality game” has no longer been an alien concept to game developers and users. That players can observe the real world while playing brings AR games huge advantages over virtual reality (VR) games, making them a trendsetter in the Gaming Industry.

Considering hunting game market in particular, digital games created with AR technology deliver a lively, virtual yet actual experience to gamers. The scope of hunting is not restricted on the computer screen any more. Instead, players now can directly follow the instructions, the maps as in-game locations are matched with the real world, enabling them to hunt right in their place.


Application of AR into hunting games – ARhunter Project



ARhunter project is by far the most typical AR hunting game. Basically, it is an AR Treasure Hunting Game, the key project of VBAEMU in 2018. VBAEMU is one of the leading providers of AR-based solutions and gaming applications.

The most striking feature of ARhunter is that it is a game using blockchain. ARhunter uses a cryptocurrency named VBA coin  in the whole system of exchange, purchase, treasure value… This digital currency on 3.0 Blockchain platform with high sustainability promises to be listed on the exchanges and widely used in other games both inside and outside VBAEMU in the near future. It’s no exaggeration to say that ARHunter formally sets the standards for a new era of online gaming in general and the AR hunting games in particular.


ARhunter project details:

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