How to Deactivate a Facebook Account

Facebook or myspace remains a top cultural networking site based on global reach and total active users. As of the third quarter of 2014, its number of active users has got 1 ) 35 billion dollars.

The platform made big leaps since it launched 10 years ago and has allowed users to create multiple accounts and business pages. If you aren’t one of those with more than one accounts on Facebook, it would be a good idea to maintain only an individual account as you start 2012. This kind of way, your followers will not get confused and they will get acquainted with you better. 

As a Facebook customer, you have two options when it comes to managing personal accounts. You can deactivate it or your can delete it permanently.

How to Do away with a Facebook Account

Deactivating an account means you could restore it at a later time. This kind of feature allows you to hide your other consideration temporarily.

To get this done, click on the accounts menu towards the top right of your Facebook page then select Settings from the drop down menu.

About the General Account Options page, click Security on the left hand side column.

While on the Security Settings page, click on the Deactivate your link on the bottom. Then make sure you follow all the steps to verify.

Once you have clicked the Disconnect your account link, you will directed to a new page with numerous options. You need to give a reason as to why you want to deactivate the bank account and other actions a person would like done. You can also choose when you wish to restore your account. Mouse click confirm if you’ve made your choices.

At the time you disconnect your account, your account will not be seen by others on Facebook or myspace. Also, people won’t be able to search for you but your communications to friends may still be seen.

You may reactivate it any time you want by simply visiting in with your email and password. As soon as you sign in, your full account will be restored automatically. Remember to keep a set of your email and password for the bank account you want to disconnect because you will need them when you reestablish it later on.

Eliminating an account, one the other side of the coin hand, means your entire content (personal details, friends, and so forth ) will be removed forever. This means you will not be given an option to reactivate it or retrieve any of your information.

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