Apps for Android Users

Applying an Android based Mobile phone gives you many options to download apps. Generally with numerous software in the market an end user is confused as to which is more suitable and which is more beneficial. Downloading lots of software just for the sake may lead to clutter and even data constrain after a while. Files that sit idle on your device create clutter and unnecessary load on the performance of your cellphone. Therefore, it is a good idea to download programs that are complimentary to your phone. I want to find away few smart software that you can download on your Android. you play player


Every single movie buff is familiar with IMDb. This software helps you access the database of movies. That contains all the information on movies, release particular date, star cast in a specific movie all in one app. 


Oftentimes, it happens that you are not able to play a particular record format on your Android os device. MoboPlayer is a video player that makes it possible for in playing any online video format on your telephone. Now you can down load video from any data file format and play them via this video player without having to convert them. You will be able to see playlists, subtitles and videos; this all is possible via RTSP and HTTP.

3G Watchdog

You can a limitation to the info plan that you have opted for on your phone and the limit keeps bothering you. For times it becomes difficult to keep note of the use and going above the given limit costs heavily after your bank. For keeping a record of your usage, you can select to download an iphone app by the name of 3G Watchdog.

This iphone app helps by keeping count up on your data consumption together with a distinct consumption log for GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi. One other use of this iphone app is that you can make your own parameters for making settings in the start/end dates in accordance with the data limitations and the billing cycle. This kind of software will help you to get a sign of the data use that you have used until your billing particular date.


Going for a quick notice of things is often a difficulty that an Android user comes across. ColorNote resolves this problem; this is an software that helps in taking notes. This is a notepad where you can prepare quick notes for e-mail; create memos or other text message for sending purpose. This iphone app helps in editing, writing and giving colors to your notes. You can further create reminders and use the feature of gross notes to quickly gain access to do list. You can also set a password to your remarks and protect it if you happen to want to save essential information. Another interesting feature with this software is that you can even create an online backup of your remarks that are saved on your memory card.

Advanced Task Killer

Even though you are using the latest Smartphone run by modern technology there exists still no assurance about the battery life that it will provide. That is hard to say that how long the battery of your device will last without having to charge it. The very reason that the battery of your device is consumed easily is caused by the software that you have loaded on the phone. Little known but the fact of the matter is that the software that are jogging on the background are battery killer. With Advanced Task Killer, you will be able to specify the tasks that you want to keep jogging others however will be killed you should definitely in use. This will help you to save battery and gain at least even just the teens extra battery.

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