Advantages of Data Center Colocation

In the current fiercely competitive environment, any business – small, medium or large – can succeed only if it maintains business continuity, which in switch, is usually dependent on automatic data handling systems. In the wake of recent natural and other disasters, companies have increased their investments in highly secure storage and retrieval systems for their data. fusionex founder

Intended for companies whose core business is not IT, it makes better business sense to outsource the safe-keeping and maintenance of these systems. This plan allows them to save time while harnessing the power of IT as a power multiplier for their key business. 

What exactly data middle?
A data center is simply a room that assists in the storage space and management, of computers and other computing equipment of any company in a precision-controlled environment. Nevertheless for small and medium businesses, a proprietary data middle is a costly proposition in many ways:

High preliminary investment in space and equipment
High day-to-day management costs
Hiring and maintaining personnel to maintain the data middle
High cost of upgrading technology and acquiring newer services

Through this scenario, it becomes much more economical to use outsourcing for this in order to a colocation data middle.

What is colocation?
A colocation (also known less popularly as ‘co-location’) data center is a service in which the servers and other computing equipment belonging to different companies share space. Each company’s equipment is physically secured in a wire cage or cupboard with high security fastening systems.

Why colocation?
Colocation offers businesses several advantages with regard to time and money.

A person be concerned about recurring capital costs if you are updating since you can hire more space (or give up space if you are downsizing)
You are saved the price of employing and training your own personnel to use and maintain your systems. When you have to update, having your own staff means additional training costs or paying outside sales staff.

Who uses colocation data centers?
The answer is: almost any company whoever business continuity relies on smooth access to stream of data and for whom system downtime is not an option.

Web-affiliated e-commerce companies use the colocation data center facilities to ensure a safe environment for his or her equipment, plus economical and redundant contacts to the Internet
Main non-IT entrepreneurs use the facility for economical data storage and management, as well as safety from disasters
Telecommunication companies use colocation data center facilities to exchange traffic with other telcos and also to provide reliable use of potential clients

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